J.R.R Tolkien and the Middle Earth

Essentialy known nowadays for movies from three of these books, a part of his works remains in the shadow. Before continuing have you ever read one of his books ?

First John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an english writter, poet and university professor of english langage and literature. Its colossal work started in 1910 by inventing languages and mythologies at the age of 19 years old. 27 years later he published The Hobbit, a tale for children which is beginning to make its success. Today we can not really say that the three movies made by peter Jackson on The Hobbit seems to be a fairy tale… We know that Tolkien work on what can we call a fairy tale and why in his essay On Fairy Stories. He published it in 1947 but it was a subject of a lecture he held in 1939. Finally the father of the Middle Earth return to the world he created from the geography to the langages and mythologies to give a sequel to The Hobbit. The Lord of the rings was published in 1954, these books are much darker and this time are not write like a fairy tail. Unfortunately his work will not be totaly finish. The Silmarillion is the last book on which he worked before dying. This book was completed and published by his sons however he did not know the successs of the previous work. If the masterpiece survive to the author, it should not, in my opinion, be completed by another.